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When to Send Wedding Invitations

February 23, 2021

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One of the first clients I received from friends, families, and wedding clients alike is about when to send wedding invitations. The answer is, it depends, but typically wedding invitations should be mailed 2-3 months before your wedding day.

Though this 2-3 month target timing is a great starting point to figure out when you need to start the wedding invitation design process, there are more dates and deadlines to consider:

  • Start looking for an invitation designer: ASAP!
  • Order Save the Dates: 1 year prior to your wedding
  • Send Save the Dates: 8-10 months before
  • Order Wedding Invitation Suite: 5 months before
  • Send Wedding Invitation Suite: 2-3 months before
  • Order wedding day paper goods: 3 months before
  • Finalize the guest list for your wedding day paper: 1 month prior

At Tuesday Grace Designs, I create custom Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations inspired by your wedding style, which means the production process is around 2 months long. Keeping that in mind, you should order your Save the Dates 1 year before your wedding and your invitations 5 months before your wedding.

When to mail your wedding invitations. Wedding Envelopes

When to Order & Send your Save the Dates

(2023 Weddings)

Typically, Save the Dates are sent 8 – 10 months before your wedding, and if you’re having a longer engagement, you can send them even sooner!

January 2023January 2022March 2022
February 2023February 2022April 2022
March 2023March 2022May 2022
April 2023April 2022June 2022
May 2023May 2022July 2022
June 2023June 2022August 2022
July 2023July 2022September 2022
August 2023August 2022October 2022
September 2023September 2022November 2022
October 2023October 2022December 2022
November 2023November 2022January 2023
December 2023December 2022February 2023

When to Order & Send Your Wedding Invitations

(2022 & 2023 Weddings)

Here are a few tips on when to send wedding invitations. Wedding invitations are usually sent 2-3 months prior to your wedding. I recommend sending them closer to 3 months before, so you have time to follow-up with friends and family for their RSVPs and meal preferences. This means, you should order your wedding invitations 5 months before your wedding.

May 2022December 2021February 2022
June 2022January 2022March 2022
July 2022February 2022April 2022
August 2022March 2022May 2022
September 2022April 2022June 2022
October 2022May 2022July 2022
November 2022June 2022August 2022
December 2022July 2022September 2022
January 2023August 2022October 2022
February 2023September 2022November 2022
March 2023October 2022December 2022
April 2023November 2022January 2023
May 2023December 2022February 2023
June 2023January 2023March 2023
July 2023February 2023April 2023
August 2023March 2023May 2023
September 2023April 2023June 2023
October 2023May 2023July 2023
November 2023June 2023August 2023
December 2023July 2023September 2023

When to Order Your Wedding Day Paper & Signs

(2022 & 2023 Weddings)

When it comes to all of your paper goods and signs for your wedding day (from welcome bag itineraries to dinner menus to seating charts), I recommend ordering them at least 3 months before your wedding.

You should also plan to have your final guest list at least 30 days before your wedding so your stationer can make sure the place cards, seating charts, etc. are created in time!

April 2022January 2022March 2022
May 2022February 2022April 2022
June 2022March 2022May 2022
July 2022April 2022June 2022
August 2022May 2022July 2022
September 2022June 2022August 2022
October 2022July 2022September 2022
November 2022August 2022October 2022
December 2022September 2022November 2022
January 2023October 2022December 2022
February 2023November 2022January 2023
March 2023December 2022February 2023
April 2023January 2023March 2023
May 2023February 2023April 2023
June 2023March 2023May 2023
July 2023April 2023June 2023
August 2023May 2023July 2023
September 2023June 2023August 2023
October 2023July 2023September 2023
November 2023August 2023October 2023
December 2023September 2023November 2023

Ready to Order Your Wedding Invites & Paper Goods?

I’m here to help you with the next step in your Save the Date and Invitation ordering process. Contact me to get an estimate on your custom or semi-custom wedding paper today!

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