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I'm Chelsea — your fairy stationery mother. I help bring your wedding invitation dreams to life with a modern take on vintage elegance.

Taking inspiration from the beauty and grace of nature, I translate the effortless beauty and luxurious feeling evoked by a simple blossom into everything I design.

I'm Chelsea Downey (née Simmons), an ex-PR and Marketing professional with an eye for art and stationery design.

When I began Tuesday Grace Designs in 2016 my goal was to help businesses elevate their PR and marketing campaigns through beautiful and strategically-designed creative — simply put, I wanted to make pretty stuff to engage your audience or consumer. Since then, I've had the great honor of working with a ton of awesome clients including essie, mml pr, Shiseido Americas. and Winstate Sports Consulting.

Now, we offer two wedding invitation experiences to help you share invites with impact!

But, sometimes things change...

In 2019, I began crafting modern, nature-inspired wedding invitations for clients, friends and family. With each suite, my passion for wedding stationery flourished and I realized there are so many couples looking for memorable wedding invitations infused with timeless elegance, a modern flair, and the grace and beauty of nature.

Custom Wedding Invitations

Semi-custom Wedding Invitations

Never without

My phone & a bottle of water


Lilacs...or tulips...or ranunculus

probably listening to

A TV show in the background

cocktail order

Margarita on the rocks with salt

Favorite wedding color

Green! It works with everything

What's in a name

The meaning of "Tuesday Grace"

When I was little, my mom would recite the nursery rhyme, “Monday’s Child” to me. It begins, “Monday’s child is fair of face. Tuesday’s child is full of grace…” Being born on a Tuesday, the saying always stuck with me and as I grew older, I tried to embody the “grace” that being a Tuesday-baby imbued.

To me, there strength in grace, there is beauty in grace, and there sophistication in grace. At Tuesday Grace Designs, I try to infuse all of those things into my designs. Each piece of stationery I create has a hint of grace whether it be through the fonts I use, the color palettes I create, the way nature is celebrated, or a combination of it all.


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