Taking inspiration from the beauty and grace of nature, our Founder & Creative Director, Chelsea Downey (née Simmons),  translates the effortless beauty and luxurious feeling evoked by a simple blossom into everything she designs.

A graphic design & stationery studio based in sunny Florida.

About Tuesday Grace Designs

Hi, I'm Chelsea!

Founder and Creative Director

When I began Tuesday Grace Designs in 2016 my goal was to help businesses elevate their PR and marketing campaigns through beautiful and strategically-designed creative — simply put, I wanted to make pretty stuff to engage your audience or consumer. Since then, I've had the great honor of working with a ton of awesome clients including essie, mml pr, Shiseido Americas. and Winstate Sports Consulting.

In 2020, I began crafting the type of clean, modern stationery I and my modern, bohemian friends would love. When I design your wedding stationery, the design experience is as luxurious as the stationery I create. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Tuesday Grace Designs, and I hope you'll be a part of it!

I'm an ex-PR and Marketing pro with an eye for design.

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the things I love

Cotton Paper & Gold Foil

My pups! (Koda & Benny)

lilacs & other Purple flowers

What’s in a name?


When I was little, my mom would recite the nursery rhyme, “Monday’s Child” to me. It begins, “Monday’s child is fair of face. Tuesday’s child is full of grace…” Being born on a Tuesday, the saying always stuck with me and as I grew older, I tried to embody the “grace” that being a Tuesday-baby imbued.

To me, there strength in grace, there is beauty in grace, and there sophistication in grace. At Tuesday Grace Designs, I try to infuse all of those things into my designs. Each piece of stationery I create has a hint of grace whether it be through the fonts I use, the color palettes I create, the way nature is celebrated, or a combination of it all.

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