How to Assemble Envelope Liners [Video]

How to Assemble Envelope Liners [Video]

Envelope Liners are one inexpensive item that can truly make your wedding invitations pop, but you're probably wondering "how do I get the liner to stick in the envelope?" The answer typically is, "have your wedding stationer do it for you," but if you're planning to DIY your wedding invitation assembly here's a easy guide on how-to assemble envelope liners.

What you'll need

Before you get started with the assembly process, you'll need a couple of things:


Step-by-Step: How to Assemble Envelope Liners

Like we said above, assembling envelope liners requires a little patience, but once you get into a flow, the process is a piece of cake. Watch this video below to see how-to assemble envelope liners, then read our step-by-step guide.




*NOTE: For the purpose of this tutorial I'm going to say right and left hand to indicate dominant and non-dominant hands. Right will be the dominant hand and left is the non-dominant hand.

  • Step 1: Slide the envelope liner into the envelope and adjust it so the liner is sitting perfectly in the center of the envelope. If you plan on sealing these envelopes, the liner should not cover the adhesive glue on the flap of the envelope.
  • Step 2: Lay the envelope with the liner inside flat on a table and find the crease where the flap would naturally fold.
  • Step 3: Place the pointer finger on your RIGHT hand in the center of the crease, and using your LEFT hand, fold both the envelope flap and the liner down. Remove your RIGHT pointer finger and rub the edge of the folded envelope to create a sharp fold on your liner.
  • Step 4: Now, carefully slide your LEFT pointer finger under the envelope flap (without moving the liner) and place it into of the liner to keep it in place.
  • Step 5: Use your RIGHT hand to lift only the flap of the envelope. The liner should stay folded because you're still holding it down.
  • Step 6: While keeping a firm hold on the liner with your LEFT hand, use your adhesive to add glue/double-sided tape to the exposed edge of your liner with your RIGHT hand.
  • Step 7: Take your RIGHT hand and use it to fold the envelope flap back down. As the envelope descends, remove your LEFT hand so the envelope can attach to the liner.
  • Step 8: Rub your finger over the back of the envelope flap to ensure it gets a good seal with the liner. Then open up the envelope. You should have a perfectly installed liner!

If assembling envelope liners isn't your thing, we totally get it! Make sure to offer the Complete Assembly Service to your semi-custom order and we'll handle everything from tying ribbon to assembling envelope liners to stamping and sealing envelopes.

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