Help Hints: Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Stamps

Help Hints: Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Stamps

Choosing Stamps for Your Wedding

"How much postage do I need for my wedding invitations?" Once you have your ideal wedding invitations designed, this is the next big question most couples have. If you're working with a custom wedding invitation designer, they'll help you with that decision, but it's always ideal to double check with the experts (that's the USPS). Take your completed invitations (or save the dates) to your local post office and have them weigh the envelope and calculate the proper postage.

But if you're trying to get a head start on estimating the required postage, here are some tips to get you started.


Current USPS Postage Rates

Below are the current USPS postage rates, as of July 14, 2024.


Standard Letters (Domestic)
(1 ounce; 6-1/8" x 11-1/2" or smaller, <1/4" thick)
$0.73 $1.60
Non-Machinable, Square, Oversized, or Unusual Envelopes $1.19 $2.06
Standard Postcards (Domestic)
(1 ounce; 6" x 9" or smaller)
$0.56 $1.57
Oversized Postcards
Each Additional Ounce $0.28 $0.28

Typical Postage Prices for Wedding Invitations

While every wedding invitation suite is different, we do see trends in how much postage the typical wedding invitation, save the date, and RSVP envelope require. Below are average costs for different types of wedding mail.


Standard Save the Date $0.73 $1.60
6.5" Square Save the Date $1.19 $2.06
Standard Invitation Suite
(>1 ounce; < 1/4" thick)
$1.01 $1.88
Non-Machinable Invitation Suite
(>1 ounce; > 1/4" thick or oversized envelope)
RSVP Envelope $0.673 guest to use postage from country of origin
RSVP Postcard $0.56 guest to use postage from country of origin

As we mentioned, it's best practice to get your wedding invitations weighed and metered by you local post office, but from experience:

  • Most Save the Dates fall in the " Standard Save the Date" category
  • Most wedding Invitations end up in the "Non-Machinable Invitation Suite" Category
  • Most RVSP envelopes, obviously, fall into the "RSVP Envelope" category

Best Weddings Stamps for 2024

Now, that you understand how much postage you may need to mail your wedding invitations and save the dates, let's talk about the fun stuff! Below are some of our favorite wedding stamps for couples sending their save the dates and invitations out this year.


​Forever Stamps for Weddings

A USPS Forever Stamp is postage that holds enough value to send one piece of First Class Mail (that's a Standard Letter sent domestically). Even if that cost increases over the years, a Forever stamp will always be enough postage. For wedding purposes, these stamps are typically enough for a Standard Save the Date or an RSVP Envelope.


Higher Value Stamps for Weddings

Stamps with a higher denomination than Forever Stamps can be used for various reasons, but generally speaking they're the specialty use version of a Forever Stamp. There are 2-ounce Stamps for a Standard Letter that weighs between 1 - 2 Ounces. There's the Non-Machinable Stamp for a 1 ounce letter that is oversized, square, or over 1/4" thick, and there's the Global Stamp for mailing a Standard Letter internationally.

2-Ounce Stamps

The 2-ounce stamp is equivalent to a Forever Stamp + 1 extra ounce (that's $1.01). This is the stamp you could use for a Standard Wedding Invitation.

Non-Machinable Stamps

The Non-Machinable stamp lets the post office know this item shouldn't go through sorting machines, and (ideally) should be hand-sorted. It is valued at $1.19. This often encourages the post office to hand-cancel your mail. We recommend using this stamp for announcements that are square or those that are extra thick with wax seals or tied ribbon.

Global Stamps

When sending mail from the United States to other countries, a Global Stamp ($1.60) is recommended. Whether mailing your wedding announcements to Canada or Timbuktu, this stamp will account for the cost of mailing a standard, 1 ounce envelope to another country. If your invitation suite is thicker than 1/4" or heavier than 1 ounce, you'll need extra postage.


A Word about Vintage Stamps

One of the most eye-catching wedding invitation trends of recent years is to add vintage stamps to your wedding invitation envelopes. This look can give your invitations the feeling of romance, heraldry, and antiquity. Stamps are considered vintage when they stop being produced by USPS. Each stamp has a specific denomination, be it the actual amount on the stamp or the term "Forever", "2-ounce," etc. from newer issued stamps. 

Vintage or Out-of-Production Stamps can be great to ensure the postage matches the unique look and feel of your envelopes, but due to their discontinued natured, Vintage Stamps can be quite pricey. Most stamp dealers recommend budgeting 5x -10x the postage price required per envelope if you plan to use vintage stamps.

This means, if you need about $1.47 in postage to mail your wedding invitation, it will cost you at least $7.35 per suite, if not more.


Let Us Help Curate Your Postage

If you would like to explore the world of Vintage Stamps or just need help picking out current USPS wedding stamps for your invitations, as us about our assembly services. Custom clients receive complimentary assembly, and semi-custom clients can add it to their order.

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