How to Assemble Vellum Wraps [Video]

How to Assemble Vellum Wraps [Video]

If you have the time, assembling your our wedding invitation suites can be a great way to save money, this includes folding or assembling vellum wraps.

At Tuesday Grace, we offer semi-custom vellum wraps that you can purchase à la carte with one of our collections or to add to invitations you had created elsewhere. Our vellum wraps come scored and folded on one side, allowing for easier assembly. Here's how to assemble your vellum wraps.



  • STEP 1: Stack your invitation cards and make sure they are aligned to your desired specifications. We like to keep all of the cards centered so you can see the layers.
  • STEP 2: Insert your stacked wedding invitation suite into the pre-folded flap (on the right), making sure it is straight a snug into the crease.
  • STEP 3: Fold the remaining vellum (on the left side) on top of your suite. Use your finder, nail or a bone folder to make the crease as sharp as possible.
  • STEP 4: Finish the assembly with a wax seal, ribbon, or belly band.

PRO TIP: When folding your vellum wrap make sure to keep the left flap on top of the right flap, and insert your finished suite into the envelope with the left side down. This will keep the vellum wrap from snagging on the envelope as you insert your finished suite.

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